Stay Privileged with Sarovar Rewardz


What is the duration of the Program?

The Program is valid for an indefinite period of time beginning 18th July 2011 until further notification is given by Sarovar Hotels & Resorts. Annual Program period is lasts from January to December of every year.

How do I enroll for the Program?
Participation to in this program is only through invitation. All authorized and invited travel arrangers are eligible to participate. All the guests to the Partner Hotels are eligible to participate.

How do I earn points?
Every Rs.100 booked on room stay would earn you 4 points. Members earn points on qualifying revenues per room have been collected.Every Rs. 100 booked on room stay would earn you 4 points. Members earn points on qualified room revenue spends.

What is the Membership Number for?
Member ID is your User Name and can be 9/10 Digit membership number allotted to you during enrollment in case you are an existing member with Sarovar Rewardz. In case of new membership your Membership ID will begin with GT followed by your registered mobile number.

How do I access my online account?
Log on to and click on the Link "Sarovar Rewardz" Login using your login ID and password Get started.

What is the difference between Cumulative Points & Redeemable points?
Your cumulative Points Balance is the sum of all points earned to date. Your Cumulative Points Balance does not reduce when you redeem points. This balance is used to evaluate your contribution at the later stage of the Program The Redeemable Points Balance shows your available points available for reward redemption This becomes your cumulative balance less points which you have redeemed against any reward.

How can I use my earned points?
You can redeem your points for the Rewardz of your choice from the Program Rewardz Catalogue which is available online.

How many days will it take before I receive my redeemed reward?
Please allow 28 working days for processing and delivery of all Rewardz.

When can I redeem my points for Rewardz?
Each member needs a minimum of 500 points to start redeeming points. You can redeem your points for Rewardz at any time when you have reached the requisite minimum points required. Please refer to the Rewardz Catalogue for the points required for each reward.

Can I pool points to make redemption?
No, points pooling is not allowed from two or more members to make any redemption.

Can I transfer my points to or from another member's account?
No, points earned by you remain non transferable.

Will my points ever expire?
Each reward point earned is valid until 18 months from the date of earning. Eg: on 1st April 2011, you earned 200 points, the same would expire (if not redeemed) on 1st October 2012.

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